spider mites

Spider mites

Damage by spider mites
Spider mites are common pest problems on many plants around yards and gardens. The most important spider mite is the two spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae). Injury is caused as they feed. Damaged areas typically appear white flecks.Following severe infestations, leaves become discolored, scorched and drop prematurely.
     Many spider mites produce webbing, particularly when they occur in high populations. This webbing gives the mites and their eggs some protection from natural enemies and pesticides.
Spider mites develop from eggs. After hatching, the old egg shells remain and can be useful in diagnosing spider mite problems.
     Most spider mite activity peaks during the warmer months, especially, as well as in dry conditions. They can develop rapidly during this time, becoming full-grown in as little as a week. After mating, mature females may produce a 12-15 eggs daily in 2 weeks. The fast development rate and high egg production enable it extremely rapid increases its populations.