Our Company
Fuzhou guan nong agricultural science and technology Co., Ltd. (BESTmites ®) is a specialist of biocontrol, especially, in predatory mites. Our target is supplying the best natural enemy for pest biocontrol, supplying matched secure way for biocontrol and reducing spray of pesticide.
Our researchers have been working on the research project on the predatory mites in the past 10 years, and completed a serial of subjects about the efficiency evaluation of predatory mite in controlling spider mites or insects. Now, we have a serial of predatory mite products, and can supply more than 6000 bottles predatory mite very week. Profit from technological innovation of production we can supply better quality predatory mites at a lower price.
Now, spider mites, whitefly and thrips have become the most important pest in greenhouse, Bestmites ® supply best predatory mites for your crops to control those pest. You will be able to meet your client's food safety requirements and government to protect the environment.